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Public Law § 6-18-208.  Requirements for enrollment in public school – Exceptions

(a)Prior to a child’s admission to an Arkansas public school, a school district shall request the parent, guardian, or other responsible person to furnish the child’s social security number and shall inform the parent, guardian, or other responsible person that, in the alternative, they may request that the school district assign the child a nine (9) digit number designated by the Department of Education. 

(b)Prior to a child’s admission to an Arkansas public school, the parent, guardian, or responsible person shall provide the school district with one (1) of the following documents indicating the child’s age: 

(1)A birth certificate;

(2)A statement by the local registrar or a county recorder certifying the child’s date of birth;

(3)An attested baptismal certificate;

(4)A passport;

(5)An affidavit of the date and place of birth by the child’s parent or guardian; or

(6)Previous school records.

(c)Prior to a child’s admission to an Arkansas public school, the parent, guardian, or other responsible person shall indicate on school registration forms whether the child has been expelled from school in any other school district or is a party to an expulsion proceeding.

History.  Acts 1959, No.139, § 1; A.S.A. 1947, §80-1501.1; Acts 1991, No, 838, § 1; 1993. No. 363, § 1; 1995, No. 574, § 1.

Also required is a proof of residency in this school district, in the form of a utility bill with your resident address, a tax statement, etc.

Elementary School Student Enrollment Form

Middle School Student Enrollment Form

High School Student Enrollment Form


Home School Information

Initial Home School Requests are due in the Superintendent’s Office by August 15 of the Current School Year for the First Semester and December 15 of the Current School Year for the Second Semester.   After the initial application for the first year, consecutive home school applications must be filed online at this link:

Apply Online to Register Students for Home School 

Home School Intent to Participate Form This form MUST be filed in the Superintendent’s Office when first entering home school.

You will need to register an account at the site.

Arkansas Rules Governing Home Schools 

Additional Home School Information

School Choice Information

Forms are due May 1 of the Current School Year and Must be Submitted to the Non-Resident School

School Choice Application

The Public School Choice Act of 2015

Eureka Springs Public Schools School Choice Resolution of 2015

Petition for Transfer of Students

This is for a transfer from another school district after May 1 of the current school year.  This process must be approved by the resident school board and the non-resident school board before attending the non-resident school.

Definitions of Transfer Students

Petition for Transfer of Students Form

Arkansas State Residency Law

Student Insurance


Homeless Information


Contact Counselor Rachal Hyatt, Homeless Liaison

Arkansas Department of Education

Eureka Springs Schools Parental Involvement Plan

Find a Teacher's License by Name

Arkansas Law Search 

Map of Eureka Springs School District

The area in green is the school district.  There is a small portion not marked in green.  It is located in the lower southwest corner of the map.

State Testing Information
ACTAAP Arkansas Comprehensive Testing, Assessment, and Accountability Program
Parent Newsletter
Statement and Letter to Parents Regarding PARCC Scores from Commissioner Johnny Key

Notice Regarding Special Education Records

Special Education files for students leaving the Eureka Springs School District prior to 2011 will be available for pickup on September 5th at the special education office.  All files not picked up by this date will be destroyed on September 6th.  If there are any questions, please contact Gwen Benton, Special Education Supervisor at 870-302-3083.