Weekly Newsletter

Grade 3 Scotties



February 5, 2018



Thank You!

I had SEVERAL parents get back to me on the mid-term reports.  I truly love your passionate commitment to your children’s education, and I will do better about sending lists of spelling words home on Monday.

Keep those important suggestions coming in!


Valentine’s Party-

The Valentine’s Party Committee will meet this week to plan our party, which will be on the 14th.  Until then, you may want to be thinking of cards...here is a list of our students:

Bradshaw     Chasia     Ms. Glenda     Ms. Murphy     Adolfo 

Scarlet      Nakoa      Prudence       Logan          Luke

Alan         Georgia    Hannah         Eliana         Holden 

Niklas       Sia        Ayden          Austin         Korbyn

Elexis       Kira       Grace          Kolt           Rylee


Snow Events-

The season is not over; Groundhog or No Groundhog, we have six weeks until Spring Break.  The forecast for this week looks gloomy.  Keep those Snow Packets for days 3, 4 and 5 at hand!


Important Dates-

Valentine’s Day, February 14th

President’s Day, February 19th-NO SCHOOL!


Love you guys!

Mrs. Murphy