Daily Schedule

My schedule changes from day to day. I pull various students on different days of the week to work on building their math skills. I pull students from all four of our grade levels, so I follow both sets of bell schedules depending on the day and time.  Here are the two sets of Bell Schedules I follow:

  5th/6th Grade 7th/8th Grade
1st Period 8:00 – 9:10

7:55 – 8:50

2nd Period 9:10 – 10:20 8:53 – 9:43
3rd Period 10:20 – 11:00 9:46 – 10:36
Lunch A 11:00 – 11:30  
4th Period 11:30 – 12:10 10:39 – 11:29
Lunch B   11:30 – 12:15
5th Period 12:15 – 12:50 12:20 – 1:10
6th Period 12:50 – 2:05 1:13 – 2:03
7th Period 2:10 – 3:00 2:06 – 3:01

My prep period/lunch is from 9:46 – 10:36, so if you are needing to meet with me to discuss your students’ needs, please email me at maria.ellis@es.k12.ar.us and we will work out a day/time to meet – whether it is during the prep/lunch time, or before or after school.

Maria Ellis

Robotics Club

Robotics Club

7th and 8th Graders: Will be before and/or after school – more on this soon!!!

5th and 6th Graders: Keep checking here… More soon for you as well...

LEGO MINDSTORMS and EV3 Robot Kits are programmable robotics construction sets that gives you the power to build, program and command your own robots created with Legos and including specialized Lego Electronic pieces. What students can design is endless – Let the Creativity Begin!!!

Click Here to go to the Robotics Page

Welcome to my Class 2017


The first day of school for students was August 14th. If you see on your schedule that I am one of your teachers, I need you to bring a composition book with you to my class.  Other items you might want to have are markers or map pencils or crayons or a mix of these items.  You may also want, but do not have to have stickers to decorate your journal throughout the year.  If you would like to donate a box of tissue, stickers, glue sticks, and/or tape to our class that would be great. We will use these often throughout the year. I have a supply in my classroom for students to use – but any help I can get to add to these supplies will never be turned down. I also keep a supply of crayons, scissors, map pencils, and markers. (Once the markers dry out – then I will only supply map pencils and crayons. I will not be buying any more markers this year.)

The reason for the journals is for students to have a personalized set of notes of the math concepts and vocabulary we will be working on in class this year.  Research also shows that when a lot of color is used, the brain receives the messages better. So I want students to add drawings and color, including stickers, to their notes.

Contact Maria Ellis

Classroom Number:
Cell Phone:
see note below
Conference Time:
Varies by day - please email me so we can schedule

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