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Eureka Springs School
147 Greenwood Hollow Road
Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632
Phone: 479-253-5999
Fax: 479-253-5955
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, Kim
kedmondson@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School View Website
Kim Arehart Arehart, Kim
Successful Scotties Skills Class
kknapp@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School View Website
Wayne Basile Basile, Wayne
Bus Driver
wayne.basile@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School
Daniel Behrman Behrman, Daniel
daniel.behrman@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School View Website
Dawn Birchfield
Birchfield, Dawn
Child Nutrition
dbirchfield@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School
Frantiska Bloch Bloch, Frantiska
fbloch@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School
Danelle Botner
Botner, Danelle
Child Nutrition
danelle.botner@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School
Patty Brill
Brill, Patty
pbrill@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School View Website
Adam Brothers Brothers, Adam
Head Girls Basketball Coach/Track/ A.D
abrothers@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School View Website
Helen Brown
Brown, Helen
Child Nutrition
helen.brown@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School
Glen Brownlee Brownlee, Glen
Bus Driver
glen.brownlee@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School
Cyndy Calbat Calbat, Cyndy
cyndy.calbat@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School
Danny Cameron
Cameron, Danny
dcameron@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School
Paul Chaney
Chaney, Paul
IT Assistant
pchaney@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School
Mitzi Clark Clark, Mitzi
mclark@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School
Karen Colby Colby, Karen
Second Grade
kcolby@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School View Website
Zach Cole
Cole, Zach
zachary.cole@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School View Website
Shannon Courtney
Courtney, Shannon
shannon.courtney@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School View Website
Karen Covington
Covington, Karen
kcovington@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School
Carol Cross Cross, Carol
Middle School ALE
carol.howell@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School View Website
Jessica Cummings Cummings, Jessica
Art Teacher
jcummings@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School View Website
John Cummings
Cummings, John
john.cummings@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School
Eugene Darby Darby, Eugene
edarby@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School
Debbie Davis Davis, Debbie
Board Member
ddavis@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School
Sue Deitchler
Deitchler, Sue
sdeitchler@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School View Website
Bryan Dickelman Dickelman, Bryan
bdickelman@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School
Jamie Dickelman Dickelman, Jamie
Admin Assistant to the Superintendent
jdickelman@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School
Roseanna Dodrill
Dodrill, Roseanna
Child Nutrition
rdodrill@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School
Patty Duffy Duffy, Patty
pduffy@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School
Mike Dwyer Dwyer, Mike
Facilities Director
mdwyer@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School
Dawn Eckhart Eckhart, Dawn
Bus Driver
deckhart@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School
Kelly Ecklund-Mathis
Ecklund-Mathis, Kelly
Third Grade
kmathis@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School View Website
Matthew Eckman
Eckman, Matthew
Special Education
matthew.eckman@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School View Website
Maria Ellis
Ellis, Maria
Math Coach/Interventionist/ACSIP Coordinator/RTI
maria.ellis@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School View Website
Mandy Elsey
Elsey, Mandy
Math Interventionist
aelsey@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School View Website
Carrie Freeman
Freeman, Carrie
Reading Interventionist
cafreeman@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School View Website
Carrie Gay Gay, Carrie
2nd Grade
cgay@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School View Website
Denise Gibson Gibson, Denise
dgibson@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School
David Gilmore Gilmore, David
High School Principal
david.gilmore@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School
Berry Griffin
Griffin, Berry
bgriffin@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School View Website
Tabitha Grimm
Grimm, Tabitha
4th grade
tgrimm@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School View Website
Ellen Grogan
Grogan, Ellen
Admin Assistant
egrogan@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School
Shannon Haney Haney, Shannon
shaney@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School View Website
George Hartline Hartline, George
ghartline@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School
Brianna Head
Head, Brianna
bhead@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School View Website
Eric Hearth
Hearth, Eric
eric.hearth@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School View Website
Hal Hicks Hicks, Hal
Assistant Bus Mechanic
hhicks@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School
Sydney High
High, Sydney
Child Nutrition Director
sydney.sutterfield@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School View Website
Jason Hill
Hill, Jason
Construction Technology
jhill@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School View Website
Joe Hill Hill, Joe
Board Member
joe.hill@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School
Tilenna Hill Hill, Tilenna
4th Grade Teacher
tilenna.hill@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School View Website
Cindy Holt
Holt, Cindy
Middle School Principal
cholt@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School
Alyissa Horton Horton, Alyissa
alyissa.horton@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School
Gail Hunter Hunter, Gail
Student Support 3-4 Teacher
ghunter@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School View Website
Rachal Hyatt Hyatt, Rachal
Counselor, Homeless Liaison
rhyatt@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School View Website
Kristen Jewell Jewell, Kristen
1st Grade
kjewell@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School View Website
Tony Jewell
Jewell, Tony
tony.jewell@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School
David Johnson Johnson, David
Bus Driver
djohnson@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School
Karen Johnson Johnson, Karen
Media Specialist
karen.johnson@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School View Website
Tina Johnson Johnson, Tina
Board Member
tina.johnson@es.k12.ar.usEureka Springs School
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