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Jessica Tvrz

 See full size imageWelcome to my webpage!!  I'm  Jessy Tvrz, one of the Kindergarten Teachers at Eureka Springs Elementary School. I moved to Holiday Island from Huntsville, Ar 2 years ago and have student taught 1st grade and taught 4th, 2nd, and kindergarten in Eureka Springs. I come from a family of teachers, both my parents are teachers in Huntsville, my sister and her husband are teachers in Berryville, and my brother and youngest sister are in school to become teachers. Teaching is in my blood!! 

Kindergarten is an absolutely AWESOME time in the scheme of things!!  School is such a huge part of a child's day; and we want to make that time both worthwhile and fun!!  Every year we work on "raising the bar" in expectations for our students.  Each year that expectation grows, and each year the kiddos rise to it.  They are an amazing bunch, and the part of my job that I love best is seeing them strive to reach new goals and challenges.  Working side by side, the music, art, p.e., library, computer, resource, g/t, classroom teachers, counselors, principals, and paraprofessionals offer our kids the very best teaching strategies, learning opportunities, access to information, and motivation to learn.  Hearing and seeing things in more than one way benefits all of our students.  I am very excited about the possibilities that this school year brings with it, and I hope you are too!! 

I appreciate the input that you have to give!!  A child's education is important to all of us; parents, teachers, and children.  If you have any questions, always feel free to email me at or call (479) 325-1528 during the day.  Thank you for allowing us to share your kids!! 

Jessica Tvrz

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