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Linnea Koester

7-8 Math

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MS 310

About Me

Educational History:

Graduated high school in 1970 from Avondale High School  (Go Yellow Jackets!) located in Auburn Hills Michigan (formerly known as Auburn Heights).

Attended Northern Michigan University 1970-1974, majoring in technical theatre.  In 1988, attended North Ark Community College for a semester to see if I could still work at the college level; transferred to University of Arkansas Fayetteville to earn my education degree in Spanish and Basic Mathematics.  It took almost four years. 

Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's of Science in Education

Lifetime Arkansas Secondary Teacher's Certification in Spanish and Mathematics

Professional Development:

Summer 2018

Two-day Innovative Institute focused on technology in the classroom

Half-day workshop on using Google apps for math activities

Full day workshop focused on Big Ideas/Concepts of Arkansas Math Frameworks as streamed in grades 6-8.

Six-week Go-Slo Online Collaborative activities with G Suite applications.

Current Position:

I began working for Eureka Springs High School in 1998 as a part-time Spanish teacher.  I developed the Spanish program to the point that eventually I was teaching 5 sections per day in 3-4 different levels of Spanish proficieincy.  And I had a math class for my 6th section—depending on the needs of the curriculum; mostly I taught Algebra A but occasionally I taught “Senior Math” and/or ALE math.

I began teaching 8th grade math at the middle school when the shift in curriculum topics with Common Core brought so much of the first semester algebra topics into the 8th grade curriculum.

This is my 21st year with the Eureka Springs School district, and my last, as I will retire in June 2018.

I look forward to an exciting year with Math 8 students who will be applying all of the arithmetic of previous math classes to the basic concepts of geometry and algebra!  It will be fun!


Previous Position:

I taught adult GED classes and Survival English to Hispanic workers at the Butterball plant in Huntsville for 2 or 3 years before I became the  teacher at Huntsvile's Adult Education Center, sponsored by the Adult Ed Department of North Arkansas Community College.  Those classes helped me to gain greater fluency in Spanish, so that I could comfortably teach Spanish to teenagers.  The GED preparation classes helped me gain major insights into what parts of basic mathematics skills are most likely to cause students problems.  Adult classes did not help to prepare me to teach in a public school in one respect:  I was not in the habit of giving quizzes and grading papers while in the adult classes.  It's still a shock even after all this time.

Family Information:

I met my husband a couple of months after I first moved to Eureka Springs in 1975.  We were married at city hall by then Mayor Martie Davis four years later.  She still worries that the marriage may not work out and it will be her fault.  We built our home that same year at BeaverTown.and the roof still doesn't leak!  So we are proud of the life we have built here.  We always have dogs--currently tfour full time and one part-time visitor who comes and goes at his whim, but most often when a big storm is brewing and his owner doesn’t get him in the house quickly.

Personal Information:

I think about the job all of the time.  But lately I have tried to get a life outside of school, so I meet with old friends at least once a month.  I try to get home before dark so that my husband, who does the cooking in the family, doesn't think I only come home because there is a hot meal on the table.  When I relax, it is usually with a book of sudoku puzzles or a murder mystery.  My best friend and I plan at least one big trip to a major dirt track to watch late model cars race.  I think about gardening but I am better at planning gardens than maintaining them.

Lately my husband’s health has forced me to take on a role of caregiver, which I find very difficult to balance with a full-time career.  That is a big reason that I will retire at the end of this school year—I have noticed too that I tend to be more impatient with students now than I was in the past.  I do not think the students in general have changed that much—I think it’s me.

Linnea Koester

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MS 310