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Visual Art Appreciation



Course Description:

 Visual Art Appreciation is a one-semester course designed to develop perceptual awareness and aesthetic sensitivity, as well as a foundation for a lifelong relationship with the arts. Students will learn the elements of art and principles of design; explore the basic processes, materials, and inherent qualities of visual art; examine a broad range of methods; conduct critical analyses of the creative processes involved in the various art forms; and reflect on the connections between society and visual art. The Standards for Accreditation require schools to offer a one-half unit of survey of fine arts or one-half unit of an advanced art or advanced music course. Visual Art Appreciation may be used to fulfill this requirement. Visual Art Appreciation also fulfills the requirement for one-half unit of fine arts for graduation. 


Course Syllabus:

This syllabus is designed to more than cover the frameworks of Visual Art Appreciation. I have designed the class to research the bulleted topics below and then follow up that research with a project to apply the knowledge. This is a tentative schedule and some projects may be added, subtracted or modified to best fit the needs of the students.

  • Sketchbooks

  • Elements of Design

  • Principles of Design

  • Critical Method

  • Art Mediums

  • Art Styles

  • Art Movement