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Leva Murphy

Third Grade

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After school until 4 and before school by appt.

About Me

Educational History:

I began my education in Eureka Springs in the middle 1960's.  I graduated from Eureka Springs High School in 1979.  My parents and children also are Highlander Alumnus.

Of course, my BSE is from the University of Arkansas.


Degrees and Certifications:

I am certified in Arkansas to teach first grade through sixth grade.  I am also endorsed to teach Middle School Social Studies, and Gifted and Talented K-12.

Professional Development:

Over my 25 years in education, I have had lots of opportunity to hone my craft in a wide variety of professional development classes.   While literacy remains at the heart of my instructional life, I have spent several years studying mathematical cognitive development.  Last year we focussed on developing a new science curriculum.  This year, we are continuing this and also implementing The Leader in Me.

Current Position:

I now teach third grade.  This is my third year at this grade level.  It is a complete joy.    

Our curriculum focuses on Literacy and Mathematics, but we also guide our students in critical life skills.  Third grade is a challenging year academically, and teamwork between parents, students and staff is critical to our success. I work very hard to earn the trust our parents and students have placed in me.

I love getting to work closely with a group of students, and then watching them grow up through their school career.  Nothing makes me happier than to greet a former student at Hart's, see them at the Alumni Banquet, or (this is the best...) watch them bring their children down the school hallway every morning.  

I treasure being able to have a part in my students’ lives.





Previous Position:

I started teaching at Eureka Springs in 1986.  Over the years, I have taught:  fifth grade (3 years), second grade (2 years), Gifted and Talented (5 years, but one of those years was elsewhere), Title 1 Math Interventionist (4 years),  first grade (ten years), and third grade (two years).  

I took off four years in the middle of all that to stay home to raise the Murphy children.   

Contrary to popular belief, I am NOT 103 years old.



Family Information:

I have been married to Mr. Murphy for 32 years.

I have a step-son, Jason.  I have a son, Ryan.  I have a daughter, Kate.  They are all fine people.  They have degrees from the U of A, and are all gainfully employed.

They were all 'challenges' to raise.  I learned a lot about teaching from being their mother.  Fortunately, they had some truly wonderful (and some not-so-great) teachers.  Those men and women (competent and otherwise) taught me about the profession by example, filtered through the eyes of beautiful (but ornery) children.

This summer, we added a new son-in-law to our family!  Our daughter married her first grade best-friend, Brandon Jacobs.  We are so excited for them.  They live in Japan.

Mr. Murphy and I are very proud of our children.

We are also proud of our Granddog, Tucker, and our Grandcat, Duncan.

Personal Information:

I am a total nerd when it comes to history.  I like to tell stories.  

I am a pretty fierce cook.  I can sew, knit, crochet, embroidery, tat, paint, garden, refinish furniture and quilt.

I do not like to dust.  Or fly coach.  

Leva Murphy

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After school until 4 and before school by appt.

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