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Weekly Newsletter

Grade 3 Scotties


15 February 19


Valentine’s Day-

It was a good party.  There was lots of ice cream, candy, cards, dancing, laughter, and general good will.

I would like to send a special thanks to my two helpers, Amanda and Emily.  There are not many people who can scoop ice cream, do crowd control and smile beautifully all at the same time.  Thanks, girls!



For the last nine weeks, we have been memorizing the presidents in order.  Because we did such a great job, the school is giving us the day off on Monday!  Yea, us!


Snow Days-

Several weeks ago, the district sent five days of work with each student to complete during days of school cancellation.  If you have internet access at your home, please consider having your child also use the resources furnished through the school.  The last page of this site has several websites that we use frequently.  Some students have been using Spelling City and Reflex Math nightly to help them study.  Please consider having your child use one of these recommended learning sites instead of, or at least as much as, they go to Fortnite.


Important Dates-

President’s Day; NO SCHOOL; February 18


Mrs. Murphy