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Course Overview/Objectives for 7th/8th Choir

7th/8th Choir Overview/Objectives

Course Overview: 

Due to the COVID-19 situation it is necessary for a shift in traditional brick and mortar and adapt to a hybrid (online and traditional) approach to learning and teaching.  So, the learning approach will be much more focus on individual singing rather than ensemble singingat the start of the school year.  We will still have choir but in a different aspect. The goal is always the same: to make music, improve our skills, to be an outreach to the community and to help each other during this unprecedented  time in our history. The first part of the semester we will focus on fundamentals and skill development. This is needed because most of us haven’t been singing for a better part of 5-6 months.  The second part of the semester we will focus on learning Christmas  music for the Christmas Concert.

65% of the student’s music grade comes from individual performance and practice.

The other 35% of the student’s music grade comes from ensemble  performance. 

Course Objectives: 

Students by the end of this course/year shall be able to:

  • Breath with proper breath support that is condusive to singing
  • Demonstrate Good Posture for Singing
  • Count Basic Rhythms through 16th notes and some dotted rhythms
  • Be able to interpret notes on the treble clef staff
  • Produce a good quality sound through proper breath, diction, jaw and tongue placement. 
  • Convert some foreign language and english into IPA notation and sounds. 
  • sing in unison in tune, balanced and blended.
  • sing in simple 2-3 part harmony
  • sing various styles and genres of music

By the end of this course students should be able to sight-read a grade 1 piece of music and perform at a grade 2 level. 

NOTE: Music is graded from really easy to extremely difficult (both technically and musically). The easiest is grade 1 – the hardest grade is grade 6. Grade 6 is what professional bands/orchestras play. 


Score is determined by the following: 

  • Watching Lessons (Online or Attending In-Person at school)– Video, Interactive Videos
  • Completing and Submitting/Performing Rank Assignments On Time. 
  • Completing Assigments written or playing on time. 
  • Attending Online 
  • Attending Live Sessions/Rehearsals/Performances (with appropriate spacing, masks, etc…)

Individual: (65% of score)

35% Student Individual Assignments Performance

15% Attendance at Zoom Session Sectionals (One per week),

15% Practice Log 


Ensemble: (35% of score)

35% Performances ( Christmas)


NOTE: However, if school reverts to completely online like it did last semester; performances will turn into projects that you can submit online through your chromebook. 

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