Educational Websites used by ESSD

(if you are a teacher of ESSD and would like a link added, please email Mrs. Ellis)

eSchool Home Access Center logo


Where students, parents/guardians can access a student's grades, attendance, missing work, etc. (HAC = Home Access Center). If you forgot your password, just click "forgot password" - the school cannot access this anymore. If you need a new parent account, please contact your school's front office.

gmail logo

Site for students to login to school email system and check emails from teachers and peers.

Google classroom logo

Log into your school email first.  Get Classroom code from teacher

seesaw logo

Site used by the elementary school.

Prodigy icon - Friendly Monster Pic with the word Prodigy below it

Use school email (Google email) to log-in. Get class code from teacher(s) using this site.

Eureka Math and Engage NY math logo

Math curriculum being used in our Elementary school as well as 5th grade at the Middle school. Get username and password from your math teacher. (Middle school students can get passwords from math teacher or Mrs. Ellis).

ixl logo

Our school has a special log-in page – please make sure you are going to the appropriate sign-in page (not  All students can go to our IXL site - even from home - and work in improving in areas of Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies (High school is only Language Arts and Math). They can also answer up to 10 questions a day in Spanish for free. If parents buy an additional home account to include full Spanish, the students still need to work in the Eureka Springs Middle School (or High School) account in the other subjects to credit at school. 

Get username and password from your teacher or Mrs. Ellis

R - Renaissance Reading logo

Renaissance AR Reading login - certain teachers on our district use for ELAR classes. Get log in information from your ELAR teacher - if they use this site.

Classworks logo

Practice word problems for Reading, Science, Social Studies, and Math Classes.

You will need to get username and password from teacher.

Science Dimenstions Ed (by HMH) logo

Make sure to change District to Eureka Springs. If you have forgotten your log-in information, you will need to contact your science teacher for this information.

Prodigy Math logo

Math online game in which students have to complete math problems to beat the monster’s after them. Get username and password from your teacher or Mrs. Ellis.

Any ES elementary or middle school student who would like an account, just email and she will create you one. This site only covers through 8th grade math.

Naviance logo

To update or view your Student Success Plan (or your child’s plan)... logo

Log-in Information is the same for the username and password. Get username and password from your teacher or Mrs. Ellis. logo

For 5th and 6th grade Technology Classes. Get username and password from your teacher or Mrs. Ellis.

NitroType logo

See your Computer Science and/or Keyboarding teacher for log-in info.

code,org logo

Get username and password from your teacher or Mrs. Ellis.


Readworks logo

Students will need to get password from their teacher - only certain ELAR teachers in our district use this site.

Kahoot logo

To play Kahoot:

To create a Kahoot:

Quizlet logo

The students will need to use their school email to create an account. Do a search for whatever topic the student needs to study (fractions, multiplication, rain forests, civil war battles, genres, music notes, Scotland, Arkansas facts, art styles, and this list could go on for a very long time...) – practice with flashcards, play scatter or gravity games, take practice tests, etc.

Citation Maker logo

To use in reports for Language Arts classes, Science classes, Social Studies classes, etc.

Menti logo

Very cool polling site. Will need a code from the teacher (each assignment has a different code.)

Teacher's need to go to to create polls.

Khan Academy logo

Free Videos, Lessons, and more for students to learn many subject areas – including math of all ages.  Good for everyone!!!

Free logo

This site donates 10 grains of rice for every correct answer a student completes.  Students can practice middle school math, high school SAT practice, as well as many other subject areas, etc.

Google Math logo

When you are stuck on a specific area of math – do a search… the answers are out there for those who really want to learn.

StudyLadder icon

See Mr. Griffin for log-in information (5th graders only)

FlipGrid logo

Students, you will need code from the teacher. Even with the same teacher, different assignments will have different codes.

NearPod logo

Students: You will need to get a code from the teachers. Even with the same teacher, different lessons have different codes.

Google Docs logo

Similar to Microsoft Word…

Students will need to log into school email first...

Lets students create documents (essays, reports, answer questions, take notes, etc.) that can be shared with other students if doing a group project and then shared with teacher to submit.

Google Slide logo

Similar to Microsoft PowerPoint.

Students will need to login to school email first.

Allows students to create presentation slides that they can then share to other students (if working on a group project) and/or share with the teacher(s) to submit. Teachers can also have a base set of slides to share to students and students are responsible for entering data on certain slide numbers.

Google Sheets logo

Similar to Microsoft Excel

Students will need to login to school email first.

Students can create a spreadsheet, share with other students (if working on group project), then share it with teacher(s) to submit work.  Can also use to organize data in rows and columns.

Dreambox Math logo

Supplementary Math resource used by ESE.

Lexia Core5 logo

This is an adaptive blended learning program that accelerates the development of literacy skills for students of all abilities

zoom logo

If entering through this link (and not from direct link emailed from the teacher) you need to click “Join a Meeting” and then you will need the Meeting ID number.

Google Meet logo

Similar to Zoom meetings.

Virtual classroom meeting site. Will need info from teacher to login through this link. Best to use direct link sent from your teacher.


PearDeck logo

 This is an interactive presentation tool used to actively engage students in individual and social learning