EVERY DAY COUNTS!  (Adapted from ADE Website)

Chronic absenteeism is missing so much school for any reason that a student is academically at risk. It means missing 10 percent (17.8 days) or more of the school year - excused or unexcused.  Absences can add up fast!  Missing just two days per month puts your child at risk.

The report Absences Add Up: How School Attendance Influences Student Success reveals that:

  • Poor attendance in the first month of school can predict chronic absence for the entire year.
  • Absenteeism in kindergarten can affect whether a child develops the grit and perseverance needed to succeed in school.
  • Absenteeism in preschool and kindergarten can influence whether a child will be held back in third grade.
  • Absenteeism in middle and high school can predict dropout rates.
  • Absenteeism influences not just chances for graduating but also for completing college.
  • Improving attendance is an essential strategy for reducing achievement gaps.
  • When students reduce absences, they can make academic gains.

Our goal at ESES is for students to miss less than five absences per semester.