Wouldn’t a fresh Krispy Kreme Donut taste good right now. Yum. Yum. ESHS Student Council will be taking orders for donuts starting today. Pre-order HERE! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10wNEmgATh0SOJMmaM88G0IO3VD5aHSIqdb_7i_AJPXg/edit?fbclid=IwAR08TNqJir6v84L95kiZE4RQLYKD1L1liTMtlCPZpDIuEFYpJGjX4v3Zsts#gid=0
10 months ago, Eureka Springs School District
donuts for sale
Our new Wednesday early dismissal begins January 6th! This is to allow teachers more dedicated time to spend with virtual students. Busses will run at the 1:45 bell time. Students are welcome to stay until 3:00, but must have a ride planned, as there will not be another bus run.
about 1 year ago, Eureka Springs School District
What storm drains?? Our art students continued their work brightening up downtown Eureka! Check it out beside the library and Mojo's! According to Ms. Cummings, "This experience forced the kids to problem solve, work collaboratively with one another, and accept constructive criticism. They now also know the process of submitting ideas, receiving feedback, resubmitting ideas, obtaining committee approval, and then working within the constraints of city code." We are sure proud of this group!
about 1 year ago, Eureka Springs School District
art on sewer drain
students painting sewer drain